You might say it was from growing up as a kid in Green Bay Packer Country, or spending 30+ years in one form or another of sportscasting … but with sports and football in my blood, I just had to use it in our company name – Strategic QB. Yes, it’s “QB” – as in Quarterback!

NOUN: It’s serving as a Marketing QB, or coach …  identifying strategies and creating “Game Plans” that places your local business in the best position to leverage strengths and put you on a path to championship caliber results.


VERB: It’s quarterbacking, or leading, marketing efforts and strategies for your local business, to win more customers and clients.


I invite you to check out our website and you’ll see many ways small business owners can benefit from our expertise and marketing insights. From guiding and educating, to serving as your own “full blown” marketing department, Strategic QB is the “All-Pro” you need on your team to make a difference this season … and beyond!

All the best,

Clark Schafer, Chief Stategist