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bigstock-Composite-image-of-smiling-bus-53563159 Email marketing may not be as sexy as Social Media or other forms of marketing a local business, but it is essential! An effective marketing plan takes full advantage of email strategies and leverages email service providers (ESP) to deliver messaging and content to meaningfully connect with potential leads and clients and customers.

It can be phenomenally successful in collecting leads and nurturing and cultivating those leads into customers. It is great for ongoing communication and for exchanging valuable content, such as a newsletter or an eBook or videos.

It’s important to have email campaigns carefully and strategically crafted and set up prior to other marketing even being put in place. It can support and help in conversion of your other marketing efforts.

One of the most valuable assets in any business is a “list”.

And, email marketing is an outstanding vehicle in which to build it and help foster engagement and trust between your company and the people on your list. Strategic QB can identify and create an effective approach that helps your business be embraced as trustworthy and providing great value and expertise.

It’s all about producing great content, making it easily consumable, delivering it and then getting the emails opened. Strategic QB understands the more effective each step becomes, the more opt-ins and subscriptions a business will get to its list. The bigger the list, the larger the asset, the more powerful it will be for the “bottom line”.

While email is flexible, cost effective and can be highly targeted, Strategic QB knows it can also be very complicated – from creating effective email marketing game plans, to writing highly converting email copy and content and employing successful lead capture strategies. We can help your small business strategically communicate through email to engage leads and customers and get them to take action.

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