A powerful tool, direct marketing provides businesses with the means to communicate with their potential market. Available to both small and large businesses, promotion of services and products in a brand-savvy and media-driven consumer market need tactics and strategies to be noticed. To be noticed, businesses need to implement well-planned direct marketing campaign. Moreover, businesses need knowledge of direct marketing benefits to help them get the most out of their ad campaigns:

  • Targeted Ideal Customers. A well-research customer profile helps the business target specific groups. With the use of tailored messages, customers who will need or want the products or services are easily identified. This makes the ad campaign more focused with higher chances of achieving results. Therefore, a well-targeted ad campaign equips businesses with accurate understanding of customer response to the products and services offered.
  • Cost-effective. When direct marketing is targeted at a specific segment of customers, it helps set realistic goals and increase sales even at a low cost. Direct marketing keeps the personnel cost low since some of the employee effort are dispensed with.
  • Increased Sales To Current And Lapsed Customers. Current customers keep buying because their relationship with the business is maintained. Maintenance of accurate customer records and well-planned promotional tactics keep this relationship and boost sales to the existing customers. Relationship with lapsed customers can be re-established to rekindle sales. Again, accurate records filed efficiently help in finding out why the customers left or stopped buying from the business.
  • Improved Customer Loyalty. Strategies to maintain customer loyalty are used to keep and build the relationship. Personalized promotions, birthday greetings, discount offers, and invitation to sales are ways of creating link with the customers and increase their personal connection to the business.
  • Creation of New Businesses. Direct marketing is an effective way to gauge customers’ reaction to products and services and trials of new ones. It allows businesses to adapt and respond to the needs of the market. From these data, new businesses are formed.
  • Availability of Results for Review. Direct marketing benefits include testing of new markets and review of sales results. The results are quantifiable which makes conversion rate of sales more accurate. Data gathered are helpful in measuring how effective were the strategies used. Information from the review is useful for improvement of the next ad campaign’s success.
  • Ease of Purchase. The purchase process for consumers is simplified by direct marketing. Marketing materials like coupons and catalogs allow customers time to browse and make comparisons. In this digitized age, online purchases further ease the purchasing exercise. Meantime, it saves the business some employee effort per transaction.
  • Relevant Products. With direct marketing, potential customers are chosen based on the demographic profile most likely to buy the products or services offered. They are particularly exposed to the marketing materials tailored to their needs. When relevant products are presented to an interested base, the potential for higher sales increases.

Major objective of businesses, large or small, is to earn. One way to achieve this is to be as cost effective as possible. Another way is to communicate effectively across to potential customers the products and services offered through well-planned ad campaigns. Advertising in the form of direct marketing makes it possible to combine these two elements. Nevertheless, businesses need to know what the direct marketing benefits are to guide them in creating campaigns. Direct marketing provide the mechanism to develop customer and market profiles, to target customers with relevant products, to access immediate results of ad campaigns and to improve customer relationship and loyalty. All of these at the least cost.

Clark Schafer is Chief Marketing Strategist at Strategic QB: Leading Edge Marketing for Small Businesses that “NEED THE KNOW HOW” and “DON’T HAVE THE TIME”.  Clark also has 30+ years experience in video and marketing. You can reach him via email at Clark@StrategicQB.com.  [fake-likebooster]



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