Direct marketing is a technique used by companies trying to highlight and sell products through unsolicited contacts with current, potential, and lapsed customers. It takes many forms but always asks customers to take immediate action. Email marketing is one of the top forms used by businesses in Kansas and all over the world. It is easy to use at a low cost with fast customer connection. Another common form is telemarketing where sales associates call to build potential customers or retain current customers. At the heart of direct marketing is the ad campaign where the products are presented. When the ad campaign succeeds, business will thrive. Why direct marketing? Here are 6 Advantages of direct marketing:

  • Instant Traceable Results. Since direct marketing campaigns request responses from potential customers, tracking results is fast and can help the business owner make decisions. Information of customers is stored in a physical file or in a cloud based phone system. It makes it easier to contact them for updates of the business and for future campaigns. A specific number is assigned to a specific ad campaign that is added to the list in the file or virtual phone system. This determines which campaign is leading for the number of calls will show the results and provide the marketer more data to analyze the results, which eventually influences decision-making and help the business thrive.
  • Brand Loyalty Building. Brand loyalty happens when customers keep coming back for a business service or product. It is built with direct marketing where customers receive information on deals and discounts for which they become repeat customers. Strong customer direct relationship is built through this method. Soliciting customer response and feedback works to the favor of the business because when they are heard and valued; customers will likely choose the business over that of the competition.
  • Personal Contact. One of the advantages of direct marketing is it helps businesses to make individual, personalized connections with customers. Because of the personal contact, a telemarketer can easily detect the level of interest of a potential customer on the product or service presented. It also allows the marketer to customize the call and educate the customer when the need arises.
  • Customer Target. When customers call in for assistance, their concern is attended to and sometimes these are resolved with information of new products or services. Other times, marketers call customers for information of new products. With well-researched data, businesses can categorize their customers’ profiles.
  • Wider And Larger Reach. Direct marketing in its various forms can reach a wide area and various segments of consumers. Sale from a distance through telemarketing provides the business owner greater opportunity to reach a larger audience but still fill the need for personal sales service.
  • Test Consumer Response. Direct marketing is the best method to test consumer response. Businesses want to get more value out of their marketing activities. Therefore, it is wise to test consumer responses with small campaigns prior to launching of full expensive campaigns.

An effective marketing campaign is the pillar of strength of any Kansas business. Because of its effectiveness, products and services continue to sell which cause the business to thrive. Serving as the business backbone, direct marketing campaigns are often preferred because of the quick customer response. In addition, results are easily tracked. Other advantages of direct marketing are personal contact, which strengthens the connection between business and customer and brand loyalty building through several ad campaigns. In addition, customers’ list is organized according to ad campaign themes, the reach of customers is wider and larger, and consumer response can be tested with smaller campaigns, thereby cutting cost. Effective ad campaigns cost less but increase sales.

Clark Schafer is Chief Marketing Strategist at Strategic QB: Leading Edge Marketing for Small Businesses that “NEED THE KNOW HOW” and “DON’T HAVE THE TIME”.  Clark also has 30+ years experience in video. You can reach him via email at [fake-likebooster]


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